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Powered by Joy   (PBJ)


The Powered by Joy Model (PBJ) is based and grounded in the science of development and the best practice delivery of its elements including-- Culture, Play Spaces, Low Anxiety Environments, Acquisition, Futsal, Differential Learning, Constrains-led approach, mixed with lots of variable Play--creating the Optimal Learning Environment.


The Powered By Joy Model is building interest from around the world as a new and refreshing delivery of sport.

    Our Theories


  • Maslow hierarchy of needs theory

  • Self-determination theory​

  • Dr. Marianne Torbert - Expansion, Equalization, Interactive challenge

  • Mosston's slanty-line theory

  • Flow State theory - Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

  • Wolfgang Shullhorn - Differential learning theory - overload and underload theory

  • Constraints-Led approach & Non-linear Pedagogy theory

  • Implicit vs. Explicit learning theory

  • System 1 and System 2 thinking theory

  • Self-organized theory -  "learn how to learn"

  • Stephen Krashen's Acquisition-Learning theory 


  • Person. The Person comes first, sportsmanship, character.

  • Player. Next come the player and all the amazing things they can do with the ball.

  • Group. Playing well with others. Social skills


  • Competition (games) are important.

  • Practice (training) is more important than games.

  • Play (free play) is more important than practice.


  • Change the Ball. Change the Surface

  • Age appropriate Joy Labs program/Free Play

  • Technique is more important than physical (speed, strength). Everything is done with a ball

  • One step at a time: 1 v 0, 1 v 1, 2 v 1, 2 v 2



  • Expansion, Interaction, Equalization

  • Diversity of age, skill, gender, culture, ethnicity.

  • The use of best practice, small sided, futsal, etc.

  • Differential Learning

  • Constraints-Led approach



  • The best sportsmanship. The best in fair play. The least fouls.

  • The first in enjoyment.  

  • Redefine winning as best effort, skill mastery and love of the game.

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